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My Fitness goals 2021 – Running!

Normally, I would be writing a post about resolutions, whether or not I have any. How I will achieve them, or why I don’t have any. But, this year, my goals are quite precise. They are my fitness goals 2021.

Fitness Goals 2021

I spent a long time in the company of someone who told me I couldn’t. They would laugh at my efforts to do anything. But especially run. You see, I’ve never been a natural runner. I’ve never been quite a “Phoebe from Friends”. But, I’ve never had style or grace while running. When they went on runs, they didn’t want me to be plodding along with them as they ran effortlessly around the local area. So, I didn’t go, I didn’t try, I listened to the laughing voice telling me not to try. It meant I spent a long time thinking running wasn’t for me. Actually I spent so long believing it wasn’t, that it did become a thing I couldn’t do.

However, over the last few years, my confidence has grown. I’ve stopped being afraid of being unable to, and just got on with what I can. I decided to start running. I’ve kept running, although I do run slowly. But my running is getting stronger, I am getting stronger. Mentally the barriers have come down, and now the physical barriers feel a little more manageable.

I want to document my journey a little, partly so I can glance back and admire how far I have progressed – as every step is progress. But also in the hope that someone else who has been made to think they can’t, might realise maybe they can.

Fitness Goals 2021

So, in 2021 my plan is to run a 10k. I know some runners will probably feel that is not much of a challenge, but to me it’s a huge challenge! Run, 10Km. I don’t care how slowly, I just want to run the entire 10k. Now, I confess, the actual distance isn’t far and I have regularly covered this distance on foot. But, I’ve never run a 10k. Ever. So, can I do it in 2021? I hope so.

I’ve discovered someone who really works well to motivate me and keep me running! The perfect balance of kindness and firm encouragement! I think it’s so important to find someone who motivates you to reach a goal, it doesn’t matter who they are! I don’t have a specific 10K training plan yet, as currently the focus is on longer, stronger runs.

So, that’s my fitness goals for the year… Watch this space for updates!