Pregnancy & Parenting

24 weeks pregnant

I was pleased to see the midwife this week as I had some concerns. Long story short I’ve started to experience spells where I go incredibly faint, and it takes me a fair amount of time to recover. I felt a bit daft telling her about this, and even worse when she couldn’t set my mind at ease instead explaining it could be my blood pressure or several other things.. So I’m meant to phone the birth centre when it happens and go to get checked, but having had it happen while I was 40mins from home on Thursday, I confess that my priority was to get home safely and I didn’t call the MW.. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again.. If it does I will call her..

My weight gain this pregnancy is 4kg which apparently is good, but I’m already panicking that I’ve gained too much weight and the baby is going to be massive..I’ve never been worried about my weight in pregnancy before so I’m not entirely sure where this fear has come from? I guess I don’t want there to be any added risks to the pregnancy from gaining too much weight? (I hasten to add I am aware there are major risks with not gaining weight, but I wasn’t to slim to begin with!) Anyway, now my appetite is back all I can do is attempt to make healthy choices..but giving into the urge to eat pies is all to easy at the moment..(this is typed as I polish off a left over Easter egg..)

E is getting used to the idea of having a baby in the house, he is rubbing my tummy and talking to baby after every cuddle. He still occasionally announces that he doesn’t really think we need baby to come to stay but when reminded that he will be a big brother this seems to cheer him up! Boo is quite excited and wants to shop for baby, I have yet to buy anything for baby. I wish I could get over the fear that is deep routed in this pregnancy, two consecutive losses prior to this have taken their toll, and I fear even buying a baby gro might tempt fate. I have been doing lots of window shopping, and friends have gleefully been demanding I look at certain shops or websites at things which they have seen and think I desperately need! So it’s not all doom and gloom! I have got to sort out the moses basket soon, it’ll need a new mattress and probably new sheets, then once that’s sorted we will start looking seriously at a buggy!

Ms G x