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Miniscoff – Organic Meals for Children..

I stumbled upon Miniscoff rather by accident, their name made me investigate their twitter page further as I wondered whether I would be confronted with a page on eating teeny tiny portions of something obscure. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued enough about the company to not only investigate even further, but also contact them to see if I could let my readers in on possibly the best kept secret in feeding children!

Let’s face it, I have talked before about my inability to be a domestic goddess and about my general lack of time or organisation. So it is not really a surprise when I tell you that Boo’s meals are a long way from the healthy meals I was fed as a child – I think I’m doing well if he gets fish fingers, mashed potato and peas. Now, there is nothing wrong with feeding him that, but, I feel guilty, especially if Mr G and I sit down to dinner later and eat something considerably more healthy and appetising. This is where Miniscoff comes in!

Miniscoff are all about being able to feed your child healthy, organic food which is not only tasty but also easy! Their meals are frozen, so literally lift out of the freezer and either oven cook or microwave..what could be easier? Personally, I find it incredibly special that Miniscoff is actually run by parents, who started this business to feed their own children and therefore they really seem to understand what children (and parents!) want! You just have to look at the names of the meals to get a great impression ‘ChilliYum Yum’ and ‘Curly Wurly Chicken’ they do sound good don’t they? To top this they have also just introduced a range of chilled sauces which enable you to quickly make a tasty meal at home, knowing that you are still using the finest organic ingredients! They guarantee the vegetables are 100% organic, and where possible locally grown. They also guarantee absolutely no processed meats, additives or preservatives, it’s all fresh food which is fast frozen to keep the goodness in!

So it’s probably not a surprise when i tell you that they won Gold in the 2010/11 Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards in the category ‘Best Children’s Food Range’. The downside, currently Miniscoff are only available via Ocado or Abel & Cole, which means if you run out you can’t just nip to the local shop to top up..BUT….the good thing is they both deliver so no more dragging your toddler around the supermarket! So, having placed my order, I’m sat awaiting what tasty goodies will arrive for Boo and myself (as obviously I shall join his taste test!). While I wait I might make one of the recipes on their website, Chicken Bolognese now this looks very tasty and i think Mr G & I will probably end up squabbling for seconds!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I received no payment or product for writing the post, all thoughts are my own.