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Sore nipples and other pregnancy grumbles

OK, when is the whole glowing in pregnancy thing going to kick in? I have stupidly sore nipples, super fuzzy hair, wind, heart burn, nausea, spots, and a constant battle with constipation. There was me thinking that the middle trimester was meant to be the good one? Come on now! I have my 16 week midwife appointment today, which I’m not massively excited by, I feel I might just sit and cry on the chair. I have lots of questions, and I’m fairly sure she’ll have no answers, though perhaps she’ll surprise me? 

My weight has become a big issue, I’ve never cared about my weight in pregnancy before, but this time every time a “baby bump” is mentioned I panic, and still feel I just look fat. It’s not that I don’t want to eat or want to not gain, I’m just very concious what I’m eating, and it’s possibly starting to verge onto the unhealthily concious, though perhaps it is healthy and I’ve spent so long not being healthy it feels wrong? I don’t know. I’m hoping the midwife weighs me, and that I can express my concerns to her without her just brushing them under the carpet.  Yes ok, I’m probably worrying about nothing, but I feel if I have gained lots since the 12 week scan then maybe my concerns about my weight gain are justified? (I must point out that I was overweight when at the start of pregnancy, I’m not secretly a size 8!).

I’m still struggling with tiredness, it doesn’t seem to matter how many hours sleep I get, I wake up tired! I look tired, the dark circles around my eyes make people ask if I’m OK, and I reply “Yes, I’m just tired!” then try to bite my lip as they advise me on not burning the candle at both ends! With tiredness I find my nausea is worse, and I am also finding my thyroid meds make me feel incredibly sick. I’ve also reached the stage where eating or drinking anything other than water after 7.30pm is a huge mistake, resulting in reflux..and a few hours in bed spent sat upright! I wonder if this means the baby is going to have a full head of hair again?! 

One thing which is exciting about today is that I hopefully get to hear Ducky’s heart beat! Tempted to try to record it, is that daft? OK, thinking about that I am smiling and don’t really care that I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! 

Have a good day every one!

Ms G x