Making our own Frozen Yogurt!

The past week has been very hot! And I have to confess, that in my household we love ice-cream! Of course sadly ice-cream isn’t exactly a healthy option, so i decided to look for alternatives which we could all enjoy! I tried freezing low fat yogurts, and they came out more like ice lollies and didn’t have quite the same appeal as ice-cream eating! Sat starring at my fridge, I decided to use up some odds and ends, and decided to experiment, and discovered an easy way to make a healthy frozen yogurt which tastes as good as ice-cream but with alot less calories (and a great way to sneak fruit into your little ones diet!).

– Fat-free Natural Yogurt
– Frozen Fruit ( I found Black forest fruits or Raspberries worked best)
– Powdered sweetener to taste (if required)

Use roughly double the amount of frozen fruit to yogurt, blitz with a blender until the mix is smooth. If you’re using Black forest fruits you’ll have a really rich colour! Do taste it at this stage, as my first attempt was a bit too tangy – hence adding a little sweetener!
Freeze for an hour, and you’ll be able to scoop and serve! We also used the mix to make lollies which Boo was delighted with, and i was delighted to see him eating more fruit!