I’m supporting! With Next.

This year I’m showing my support for the athletes of the Olympic games with my Next supporters scarf! Next have designed two scarves to celebrate the British Olympic and Paralympic teams, all money raised will be donated to the British Olympic Association. The scarves cost £5 or £10 depending on whether you want a small or large scarf, and you can choose between two designs.

I was sent the Paralympic scarf, and I will be wearing it proudly all summer! Next are currently running a contest where you can upload a photograph of how you will style your scarf in their Wear it, Wave it and Win prize draw!

I love the idea of wearing this scarf to all sorts of occasions, and as it’s a British Olympic team supporter scarf, I decided to turn it into a brooch and shaped it as an English rose (well kind of..I’m still learning!!)..what do you think? 

For days when I really want to show my support, I’ve left the scarf trailing slightly so you can see the Team GB logo, which I think is slightly more elegant!

How would you wear your Next British Olympic & Paralympic Team Supporter Scarf?

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