The waiting game..Primary School Admissions..

I’m waiting, fairly impatiently, to learn if Boo has got into the village primary school I want him to attend. I haven’t felt so on edge since I was awaiting my A’level results and the realisation that if I didn’t get the grades I wouldn’t be going to the University of my dreams. I’m grouchy, and restless, wondering why the process takes so long, and hoping that by some miracle the heavily oversubscribed little school has space for my little boy.
If we don’t get in then what? we join the waiting list, and consider our options. Mr G and I are discussing what we will do assuming we don’t get a place, and are left with the option to put him in the huge primary which is a fairly rough and ready affair..I can’t see us doing it? 

Are you waiting to see what primary school place your child has been offered? How are you feeling?