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Dear Poppyseed A Soulful Momma’s Pregnancy Journal – Review.

Like many pregnant woman, I have turned to reading blogs, pregnancy magazines and books to read about other women’s experiences of pregnancy. This might not be my first pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a little reassurance that my heartburn, crying and aches are normal!

I was sent a copy of Dear Poppyseed, a soulful Momma’s pregnancy journal, to read, and over the last week, sat on my birthing ball I have read the book while waiting for my bundle of joy to arrive.. (I am still waiting!). Dear Poppyseed is written by Alice Grist, star of the “She’s having a baby” docuseries on Sky Living.

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I have to confess, being so late in pregnancy myself, there were early chapters of the journal which found me racing to read through as opposed to enjoy – so I’d recommend this as an early pregnancy read.  It’s written in a very personal manner, and you do really feel part of the journey, I think if I’d been less pregnant I’d have almost read along comparing stages!  The later chapters, I associated with all to well, the candid thoughts on wanting a natural birth, the pressure of both the natural birthing groups and the medical advice. Both well meaning, but so utterly contradictory. Birth choices are something I feel quite strongly about so I found myself shedding a tear on Alice’s behalf as while she achieves her ultimate goal of a healthy baby, getting to that stage is turbulent.

Perhaps it is due to my being so hugely hormonal (and with such a huge baby bump) I found the book an emotional read and found myself sobbing heavily especially towards the end. It is a no frills, frank account. There is no dressing up pregnancy or labour, it tells you an honest story of one woman’s experience, just do remember dear reader that every woman experiences pregnancy and labour in her own way. A lovely read.


Disclaimer: I was sent the book for the purposes of an honest review.

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