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40 Weeks Pregnant – Ways to bring on labour..

Yes, I’m still here. 40 weeks, and no sign of baby yet. So, I decided to start experimenting with ways to bring on labour.. do any work?! Here’s my (not very scientific) findings from our “experiments”.


1. Curry

We enjoyed a nice curry, as hot as I could handle (which to be fair wasn’t *that* hot). The result, lots of reflux, and acid indigestion, consuming lots of gaviscon, and feeling a bit crap. Not so much as a braxton hicks, but baby did get hiccups?

2.  Hot baths.

This one has been quite nice, I do love a hot bath instead of the tepid ones I’ve been having throughout pregnancy! The downside.. I feel awful when I get out – and a bit faint! Not to be recommended! Also my bump is so huge baby seems to not actually be in the bath anyway?!

3. Long Walks.

Walking definitely started my last labour with E, but so far this time has achieved nothing other than to make me ache between my legs…ouch.

4. Sexual relations..

My friend and I had a long conversation regarding this, we both agreed that the “science” part of this was one of the chemicals found in low doses in semen is one they use in the pessary for induction. However what we couldn’t agree on was the best way to get maximum benefit. Her belief was the best way was to take it erm.. orally! Where as I believed that it needed to come into contact with my cervix.. So a long and mildly giggly conversation ensued as to how I was going to try this. Now, ladies, I am looking something like a tanker (with an even more rubbish turning circle..), and the thought of any sort of relations other than hand holding is to be honest the last thing on my mind right now. So I suggested to Mr G that perhaps he ought just provide me with some of his finest produce and we would administer it with a turkey baster, or in the absence of one, we could always use a calpol syringe? He laughed at me. I can’t see why, I mean I think I was being perfectly reasonable? Apparently not, and it was either a roll about in the hay or forget it. Ladies, if you’re going to try this, try not to giggle (or in my case have mass hysterics) as you realise the logistical  problems  caused by your huge bump – it is like attempting intercourse from either side of a giant rock..

5. Raspberry Leaf tea

This tastes OK (if you add sugar and hold your nose..) and increased the intensity of my braxton hicks, but.. other than that.. was pretty much as useful as drinking a large glass of pineapple juice.. (that hasn’t worked either..)

6. Marching around with your knees as high as they’ll go.

This one.. my latest  attempt at bringing on labour, actually feels like it is doing something – though it may be that it is just making my butt work for the first time in months.. Anyway, because it is making me feel like something is happening..and it is clearly amusing my neighbours as they giggle walking past.. I shall keep this one up.

7. The birthing ball.

This one is great for getting baby into a good position, and the biggest issue I have is fending the children off the ball – the youngest is convinced he is meant to knock me off said ball.. I do find I get the urge to bounce across the lounge on said birthing ball, probably not what I am supposed to do, but it’s keeping me entertained.

What next?!  Any ideas?! In the mean time.. I’m still here..and still standing..


  • Lindsay @Newcastle family life

    Haha I’m not surprised the other half laughed about using a calpol syringe that made me giggle . I tried all these things in my pregnancys as went overdue both times I also tried eating fresh pineapples every day, nipple stimulations, scrubbing floors, walking up stairs sideaways , watching sad films and making plans to go out and bloody nothing at all worked I ended up having a mini breakdown and tried take the cot down and send all the baby things back to shop as thought I would be pregnant forever and was sick everyone asking if I had the baby yet . Good luck hope it happens soon for u 🙂 xx

  • Carie

    Ah I’ve tried most of those in my time with about as much success! The one I really liked was the glass of champagne (well, Prosecco), though I’m not convinced it actually did anything – it genuinely was in one of my pregnancy books though! I think the only thing that has ever done anything to kickstart my labours other than a series of pessaries followed by some Syntocin (and we’re all trying to avoid that) has been acupuncture – so guess where I’ve been this afternoon. Fingers crossed that we’re both snuggling little newborns soon x

  • Milly

    I was really hoping you’d finish with one of these being the wonder cure! 37ish weeks so patiently waiting now … but in another two weeks I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating curry in the bath while doing high knees.

    This did give me a good giggle though … my fingers are crossed it’ll all happen for you soon.

  • Melaina25

    I found that if you let out half of the hot bath water and then fill with cold water before getting out you aren’t as faint when you get out. That said I haven’t had a bath (just showers I’m not dirty) this pregnancy.

    My best way to get baby to come is to make yourself a pedicure appointment—either baby will come before your appointment OR you’ll have cute toes. It’s a win-win 🙂

    ☼Transatlantic Blonde☼

  • Molly

    I went 11 days past my EDD with Frog and she was eventually born 12 days past EDD, so I can relate to looking at ways to bring on labour! In the end, the one thing I hadn’t tried and my last resort was a session of Reflexology. A friend recommended it. I ended up having Frog the day before my Reflexology appointment was booked. I figured that if it didn’t work it would be a pleasant way to spend an hour anyway. Worth a go maybe? x

  • ghostwritermummy

    I read this post on the way home from Sicily but was unable to comment on my phone! I am sure you tried them all in the end, but how lovely reading this again knowing that your little bundle is here! x x x x

  • Liz Burton

    Did you try pineapple? Gah I ate so much of that I made myself ill! Anyhow, seems all this advice is too late now, you went and done it!

    Gorgeous pictures I’ve seen so far of the new arrival – more please!! x