Spring: The Perfect Time to Visit the Blue Mountains


Image Source: Pixabay

Spring in NSW sees the flowers bloom, as flowers, trees and shrubs recover from the colder months, and without the stuffiness of summer, the Blue Mountains make for the perfect spring destination. For this very reason, there tends to be a lot of visitors as spring gets underway, and who could blame them when you look at some of the stunning locations this area boasts. September and October offer the perfect climate to see and experience this amazing mountain range that stretches almost 100km, and the blue haze is also best seen during these months. The tint comes from light refraction through the minute dust particles the area generates, and when mixed with fine droplets of water, it gives off a distinct blue haze – hence the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Helicopter Tour

The Blue Mountain range is quite extensive, and while you could drive, or take a coach tour, by far the best way to see the Blue Mountains is by air. There are companies that offer scenic tours in the Blue Mountains via their state-of-the-art helicopters, with routes that take in the Three Sisters, the Jamison and Megalong valleys, Katoomba and also the Warragamba Catchment area. The flight would typically last 90 minutes, with sweeping low passes over Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, and to see these iconic attractions from the air really is not to be missed.

Advanced Booking

As you would expect, many people have the same idea, therefore the fleet of helicopters would be in high demand and early bookings are advised. The aerial adventure will take up an entire day and starts with the tour company sending a car to collect you from your hotel. You are then whisked off to Sydney Airport, where the tour company has a luxurious facility, and after refreshments and a safety briefing, you and your group will be escorted onto the helipad, where the aircraft is waiting. This is the time for a photoshoot with the pilot and his flying machine, then after everyone is seated, the flight begins.

Memories of a Special Experience

If there is a complaint from a client, it is only that their camera ran out of memory, so make sure you bring a spare SD card (or two), just to be on the safe side. Part of the flight sees you hurtling above the beach at 500ft, which is quite a rush, and you will be listening to the pilot’s narration from your headset.

When you make the online booking, check out the FAQ page on the website, along with information about suitable clothing and items you cannot bring on board the aircraft. This will ensure that you are fully prepared to get the most out of what will be a truly unique experience. Some people book the tour without their partner’s knowledge – which makes for quite a surprise and definitely one she will never forget.

Whatever the occasion, you can make sure that you and your group will see the Blue Mountains as they should be enjoyed, from the air.

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