History Buffs in Ulan-Ude: Living The Dream

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History Buffs

As there are plenty of interesting facts related to the history of the Trans-Siberian railway route, there is no real surprise that lots of passengers riding this main line are keen amateur historians or in some cases history professors from around the world. People booking a train trip taking in a stopover at Ulan-Ude are bound to know at least a thing or two about this popular destination along the Trans-Siberian route or in fact, where the Trans-Mongolian line can take us all the way to Beijing.

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Of course, anyone interested in the history of what is one of the most populous cities in eastern Siberia and one of the stopovers of the Trans-Siberian train journey would be wise to look online for the various history museums to visit there. In fact, Evenks were the first occupants of the area where Ulan-Ude stands. The Evenks were later to be conquered by the fearless Buryat Mongols. Later on, in the late 1600s, Russian Cossacks settled in this region, which is a very advantageous geographical location and became known as the fortress of Udinskoye. However, passengers of the Trans-Siberian train trip that are determined to learn a bit about the history of Ulan-Ude may also look for other things to enjoy whilst spending time in this fascinating city.



Apart from getting the chance to visit a number of extremely interesting museums whilst on a Trans-Siberian route stopover in Ulan-Ude, there are plenty of other things to see and do in the area including getting the chance to admire the wonderful architecture. In fact, people looking forward to spending some time in the city and would like to create an itinerary of what they will do there would be wise to look at the following ideas:

1. Holy Odigitrievsky Cathedral
2. Saint Nicholas Church
3. Geological Museum
4. Ulger Puppet Theatre
5. Museum of Railway History

Of course, choosing from the Trans Siberian railway tours 2019 travel enthusiasts booked should be able to give them the time of their lives and could turn out to be a very wise move for people that have always wanted to spend some time in this part of Siberia. And as there are numerous reputable companies offering these kinds of travel experiences, we should not need to waste too much time finding a company worth dealing with.


Although the Trans-Siberian railway didn’t reach what is now called the city of Ulan-Ude until 1900, this important development in the region led to the area’s population increasing quite substantially. Indeed, whereas the population of the area was a mere 3,500 inhabitants in 1880 before the arrival of the Trans-Siberian railway line, it had reached an incredible 126,000 by 1939.

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There are websites that offer information for Ulan-Ude with plenty of inspiration provided by bloggers who are more than happy to share their wonderful travel experiences in and around this superb city.

Travellers on their way to Ulan-Ude on a Trans-Siberian train will certainly not be left wanting by the scenery that they will be able to behold as they advance on their adventure towards their next stopover. Indeed, the views on offer in the eastern part of Siberia are quite simply breathtaking. Of course, train-trip enthusiasts that wish to find out more about the sorts of things they will experience when heading towards Ulan-Ude as well as when spending time there should look online for websites providing insight into these memorable train journeys.