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Travel and adventure.

Like many people, I have a list of things I’d like to do. It’s not a bucket list exactly, actually it seems to grow as soon as I cross something off! I have two main aspects to my list, first travel, and secondly a broad “do more activities”!


Stony beach with bright blue sea


Picture Perfect Places to visit

Travel is something I have not done nearly enough of! I have turned down so many chances to travel, and now I’m desperate to visit some of the places I’ve missed out on visiting over the years.

I want to visit some beautiful places, some UNESCO heritage sites. Oh, and of course walk on beautiful beaches! I would love to fill my Instagram up with beautiful photos of places I’ve visited. I’ve actually started a list of places I might like to visit after looking at

1. Phi Phi in Thailand, boasting beautiful beaches with white sand and aqua blue sea, it just looks tranquil! The perfect place to relax!

2. Grenada – the turquoise sea is enough to make me want to head off on the next plane! There’s something quite romantic about the long sandy beaches I see photographed in Grenada!

3. BUT.. Currently at the top of my list of places to visit is Venice. There’s something I find enchanting about Venice. Perhaps it’s the idea of riding in gondolas, or the dramatic architecture? I have visited Venice once a long time ago, and it is calling me back!

Getting Active

I know a lot of people decide to physically challenge themselves. I can’t see me running a marathon, and as I can’t even ride a bicycle there’s no fear of wanting to do a cycling challenge! Actually learning to ride a bicycle is on my to do list, although last time I tried, my children laughing at me did nothing for my confidence!  I do however want to try out lots of different activities which I have shied away from in the past. Climbing is something I have been meaning to try out since I was 19, and never got around to it! I have visions of going somewhere like New Zealand and learning to climb there, but can you do that? I’m not sure. I’d also like to try scuba diving –  that is on my to do list for if I ever make it to Grenada!

Do you have a list of places you’d love to visit?



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