Autumn calling…

Autumn calling… It may be only the end of August, but there is a distinctive autumnal feel in the air. I think perhaps Autumn is my favourite season, back to school, new stationery and birthdays – all make it feel exciting. Autumnal colours are all so warm and bright, and the days are not too short – or too cold.

Autumn – Blackberrying

The uncertainty of winter is lingering in the back of the minds of many families this year. But my Autumn will be spent walking in crunchy leaves, making the most of the hours of daylight. Blackberry picking – a real crowd pleaser where my family is concerned. And a free source of fruit which nature kindly provided in abundance. Last year I made blackberry jam, this year I’m not so sure I will. Instead the blackberries will be cooked with apple and frozen ready to be added to crumbles, pies, or custard.

Preparing for winter

This year I feel more attentive to the Autumn calling, as though it really is preparing us for winter. I’m finding myself planning cosy meals, candles and checking the log store frequently. In between contemplating whether I’m brave enough to host a Halloween party for the children! I have decided I need more patchwork in our home, and a rather rough and ready patchwork blanket I began to sew in 2017 has been calling my name to be completed. How it has been sat unloved, and uncompleted for so long I’m not sure.

Autumnal thoughts…

I undoubtedly romanticise Autumn, I think I watched too many American films set in fall. But, there is something wonderful about the changing of seasons. Autumn is to me, the most dramatic season. Those falling colourful leaves, leaving behind stark, bare trees and long dark days. But, until the starkness of winter, I shall revel in the colours – and pumpkins of Autumn.