Why can’t you be nice?


This is a bit of a vent, and if you’re easily offended stop reading now. Seriously though, why can’t people be nice? Why do we live in a society where although publicly people condemn bullies (of all sorts) there are some who then think it is acceptable to do exactly that behind the guise of an anonymous account. This is surely the worst kind of bully?

I am of course writing about a twitter account which appeared recently, seemingly with the sole purpose of berating another blogger. The blogger being berated had her reviews ridiculed, and was mocked publicly by this blogger who tweeted that she wasn’t doing it to be mean, and indicated the twitter account was a bit of fun. But those tweets were mean. If it were my 6yr old saying those things about someone else, I’d have been having strong words, explaining that saying those things about someone was hurtful.

This “blogger” with their anon twitter account, made out that their blog was better than the blogger they ridiculed, yet they were not prepared to make these comments about the blogger publicly using their real twitter handle. I wonder why? Is it for fear that perhaps their own blog is not quite so perfect? None of us are perfect, sometimes we have an off day and our writing suffers, or a product fails to excite us and writing any sort of review on it becomes difficult to write.

Instead of ridiculing another blogger, where is the hand of kindness? Where is the offer of tips on how the blogger might improve her reviews? Where is the admission that perhaps you are a little jealous that she has received an item to review? Let’s remember, a PR or company sent the item to be reviewed willingly, and it is up to them to decide whether she should be sent anything, and not anyone else.

Whether she is a “blagger” or a “blogger” the public ridiculing of anyone is childish, and unnecessary. I wonder how you would feel if this was being done to you, I know I would be hurting.



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