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39 weeks pregnant..the pregnancy wall has been hit..

I found myself typing “how to bring on labour..” this evening.. it’s not that I don’t want to be pregnant anymore – in fact I will miss it when I’m not! It’s simply as I’m a bit bored of not being able to bend forward to pick up the toys off the floor and having constant reflux at night…

This week I hit a bit of a pregnancy wall, I was exhausted, uncomfortable, and crying sat on the edge of the bed a little before midnight trying to explain to the rather forlorn Mr G that I was just emotional and felt a bit rotten. I found it hard to say that I wasn’t enjoying pregnancy, after having had a tough time to get to this pregnancy, I feel as though I am being ungrateful. But the trouble is I am only human, and the bump appears to have doubled in size – it may not look it to you, but it is now pushing up against my ribs and down against my hips. I’m worrying – again – that baby is huge..I am worried that I haven’t enough clothes to fit a big baby..the problem has always been the clothes we bought were too big for our babies I’ve assumed that would be the case again, but it’s not looking hopeful!

39 weeks pregnant.. the bump is round and low!
39 weeks pregnant.. the bump is round and low!

The good stuff, well.. as it’s cooler, my hands and feet aren’t as swollen as they were! I have bursts of energy which I’ve used to entertain the boys in one way or another and I have sat admiring both my gorgeous sons as they entertain each other while I sit in a heap when my energy depletes! I feel guilty that they are perhaps not having as much fun as I would hope they are, but then I’ve seen masses of creativity from them in the last few days where I have lacked energy to give into every request to “do” something, so it’s not all bad!  I just wish I had a little more energy, or a little more mobility to get things done, there are so many things I want to get done!!



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  • Carie

    I think I’m getting into a similar phase myself (only a week behind you) – I would love to be able to pick things up off the floor again and have the energy to do more with the girls, even though I know that with a newborn around I’ll probably have less energy and require even more naps!! But for both of us the end is clearly in sight – fingers crossed for some labour vibes – and for what it’s worth I found the only thing that ever did anything to bring on labour (other than time, and in one case an induction) was acupuncture.

  • Newcastle family life

    That’s how I feel the last few days too I’m uncomfortable , not sleeping and exhausted and I have started crying for no reason at all other then I’m tired. And I also feel bad that I can’t do much with my girls they have been stuck at home a lot . Good luck for ur last few days of pregnancy hope you get to meet your baby soon xx

  • ToddlerSlave

    Oh yes it’s so tough at the end- I was a right misery near the end with Boo- I just wanted my baby. This time I feel more prepared for the wait but it will be harder physically as I’ll still have Boo to look after! Hope your little one comes soon!!! X #BlogBumpClub

  • Ghostwritermummy

    The end of pregnancy is so so hard, you are more than allowed to moan and to express your emotions! It doesn’t mean you’re being ungrateful at all. And for what it’s worth, I am so disappointed in myself for the lack of energy and time spent being Ill. I feel so sorry for my kids and more than once I have felt immeasurable guilt at being pregnant and inflicting this on them. But sometime rather lovely pointed out to me that I am making them a new best friend and I thought that was so lovely, I try to remember it when things are hard. It won’t be long and you will have that precious baby in your arms x x

  • Molly

    Don’t feel bad for hitting a wall – it’s completely natural! I remember being hugely emotional the week before I gave birth to F – it’s a mixture of exhaustion, nerves and excitement and totally understandable. Will be thinking of you – wonder if the next #BlogBumpClub post will be a new baby one! xx