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25 Weeks Pregnant

25 weeks, time is flying by! I feel a little like a whale already, to turn over in bed I need the turning circle of a tanker and may consider getting fitted with a beeping warning sound to alert Mr G I am turning over and may squash him in the process i.e. move out the pregnant lady’s way! So I’m feeling a little better generally, still getting the odd dizzy spell, but I am trying to cut my stress levels down which is helping! 

Reflux, if you thought this was just something babies get, think again. The last week, my digestive system has been struggling! I’ve had indigestion, heartburn and then the dreaded reflux – yuk. Gaviscon is my friend, and I’m about to purchase a bottle of soda water which i swear by for morning sickness and I’m sure it helped me with these symptoms when I was pregnant with E..well, i’ll let you know if it does! 

Braxton Hicks, I thought I had experienced some the other day, I’m not sure whether they were or whether actually it was just baby rotating in my belly. Either way my tummy went very hard at the bottom of the bump, and it was quite uncomfortable! Whether they were or not, I know from this week forward Braxton Hicks are something to erm “look forward” to! 

I’ve been super organised and booked my whooping cough vaccination, I’ve booked it for when I am 29 weeks and I’m dreading it – I hate needles, I am such a wuss, but hey ho it’s booked now. It’s just one extra appointment to add to what feels like a multitude on the countdown to baby arriving!

I now have an urge to buy some gorgeous maternity clothes, I am desperate for a pair of maternity denim shorts (as of course it’s got to be an amazing summer..) but my plans were scuppered by my bank balance and then ASOS had sold out – boo! Hey ho, I shall keep virtual window shopping! Finances are a bother in pregnancy, I think it’s one of those things you can’t help but worry about, but I’m staying positive, all will be ok!

Ms G x

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