7 Tips For New Remote Workers

Collaborative Guest Post

You have convinced your boss to let you work remotely, or you have a new remote job, so what is the next step? How are you going to maintain your productivity, creativity, and drive while still meeting the lofty goals you have set for yourself?


Communicate, communicate, communicate.

When it comes to working remotely, communication is even more crucial than it is in a traditional office setting. It is up to you to set up weekly one-on-one meetings with your coworkers and boss to discuss your objectives, forthcoming projects, and daily tasks because you are no longer a few desks down from them.

Promote yourself by emphasising the accomplishments you have accomplished in the last week, including milestones met and tasks completed under your direction. Your manager may forget about your work if you are not in the office, so do not be hesitant to bring up significant accomplishments on your own.

Invest in reputable technology.

Any person who works from home will tell you that having access to reliable WiFi is essential to their success. However, there are other components necessary for a productive set-up in addition to an internet connection. In addition to being able to make video calls without disrupting the connection, you should give some thought to the equipment and technology that will be necessary for you to perform your work effectively. For instance, many people who work from home choose to get a high-quality set of headphones with noise-cancelling capabilities so that they may carry their work with them wherever regardless of the level of ambient noise. Others discover that having a second screen or wireless keyboard and mouse, or perhaps both, is essential to their level of productivity. You also need to know how to use it. There is no point in splashing out on a Macbook, for example, if you do not know how to forget wifi network on mac.

Lean on your community.

One of the most common misconceptions about people who work from home is that they spend their days isolated and miserable in their homes. Joining a remote community, either electronically or in person at a local coworking space or collective, is something that we highly encourage you to do in order to ensure that you continue to feel supported and connected to the “real world” while working remotely. Research has shown that being in the company of those who are able to work successfully remotely motivates newcomers to stick with the programme and remain productive while embracing the opportunity for geographical freedom.

Think carefully about your workspace.

Prepare yourself for success by moving to a location where you will be able to concentrate on the activities at hand. Make sure that you feel motivated by your environment and are ready to tackle whatever comes your way by finding a great coworking space near you, staking out a spot at a local coffee shop, or creating a designated spot for work at home. 

Think about how you work most effectively.

It is a good idea to determine the atmosphere in which you will be most productive when you first begin working from home, since this will help you get off to a good start. Do you, for instance, take pleasure in always being surrounded by white noise? It is possible that the best option for you would be a café. Do you do well with privacy? It is possible that now is the right moment to make the purchase of some headphones with active noise cancellation. You should also think about whether you are more productive in the morning or in the evening, and if you get more work done if you take several short breaks throughout the day or if you give yourself a longer break in the middle of the day. The benefit of working remotely is that you may put in your hours whenever it is most convenient for you, regardless of the time of day.

Make sure that you look after your mental and physical wellbeing.

You may discover that you are glued to your computer screen for an extended period of time when the distinction between “work” and “home” begins to become more blurry.   Give yourself time for, well, you, even if it could be crucial occasionally while you are completing a huge sale or putting the finishing touches on an important presentation. If you want to be able to concentrate and get things done when you need to, you need to make a commitment to your exercise regimen and ensure that you are blocking out time in your calendar to consume meals that are healthy and nutritious.

The advantages of working from home may extend into other areas of your life as well, not just your career. Because you have more leeway, you are able to slow down and make sure you do not miss any of the significant times in your life. You can take care of your children without having to worry about leaving the office during regular business hours. You can decide to work from just about anywhere you choose. You can even schedule that doctor’s appointment that you have been putting off because it did not work with your schedule. These are just a few of the benefits that come with working remotely.

Learn to switch off.

Because of the growing interconnectedness of the world, this might be one of the most difficult elements of working remotely for those who are just starting out. Even though you may get emails and chat notifications at any hour of the day or night (particularly if you are working in a different time zone from your coworkers), it is crucial to make it a habit to “log off” for the day at a specific time every day. Be wary of establishing the expectation that you are available at all hours of the day and night if you are going to be working remotely because the best part of working from home is having the freedom to work when you are at your most productive.