Baby is 15weeks!

Yes, you read that right, baby Yo is 15 weeks old! I can’t believe how time has flown, and looking at the photographs I’ve been taking since she arrived it’s amazing how many changes have taken place. The change from newborn to young baby was huge, suddenly moving from a tiny baby who barely noticed I was there, to one who fixes their eyes on me surveys my face, and smiles at me in such a way that my heart crumbles.

She’s a strong baby, holding her head well and is now already attemtping to sit up, she reminds me hugely of Boo who was walking at 9months and I wonder if she will follow suit?  She chatters to her brothers who totally dote on her, and they debate who she gives the biggest smiles to, resulting in giggles from her and then them, it’s delightful to watch them.

The first two sets of immunisations are done, the “new” noro virus vaccination made her feel terrible and add to that teething.. nappy changes have felt like a bush tucker trial..with no gold stars at the end! Teething, yes she has a single tooth poking through, and when she’s feeling miserable she’s started to use it to nip while feeding.. resulting in a squeal and “OW!!” from me. I’m hoping she grasps that she’s not meant to nip me, it feels a little like we’re back to the early days of breastfeeding when we had to learn how to work together.

I’m still getting very little sleep, and that is resulting in me struggling to keep up with day to day chores, but I’ve started to be a little more organised and that’s helping! I’m still rocking the dragged through a hedge backwards look, but I’m rocking it like I intend to look like that! My hair has started to fall out which upset me, then I remembered it happened with both the boys too, so I’ve booked a haircut and I’m hoping if I have my hair cut short it might have a chance to recover..? I’m also going to start taking vitamins.. or trying to remember to atleast! I’ll let you know how I get on!