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Pre-loved Furniture

Have you ever bought used furniture? Maybe an antique or just a second hand bargain? Much of the furniture in my home has been pre-loved, and I really recommend looking at pre-loved before you buy new!

Why pre-loved furniture is fabulous

Pre-loved furniture has a bit of a tale to tell. We have a coffee table which has several marks on it, and I can’t help but wonder what caused them! Pre-loved is also great if you are looking to furnish your home in a unique way. There’s so much choice, and if you shop with care you can choose unique pieces. I’ve also been known to upcycle something dull into something special.

Then there’s the environmental reasons to buy second-hand. Buying second-hand you’re saving furniture from landfill. I often remind people that there’s no plastic wrap on pre-loved furniture, which there often is on new!

How and Where to buy!

There are so many options of where to buy pre-loved furniture. Many big charities have specific furniture shops, these are always worth visiting! But be aware not to get carried away with the prices, and instead stick to what you actually want! There’s also eBay and Gumtree, I see so much furniture on those sites, as people try to declutter their homes, and often at very good prices!

Then there’s your local auction house. I think you pay more for item bought this way, as there’s fees to pay at the auction house on top of the purchase price. But, you may grab an antique at a good price!

When you’re about to buy furniture, check the dimensions of it! You need it to be able to fit into your home, and also into your car or a van so you can get it home. You may want to consider something like the man van service to help you safely transport your new furniture!

Take care

If you buy soft furnishings pre-loved, always check them carefully for tears. When you get them home, wash any removable covers and consider whether it’s worth steam cleaning the rest. Make sure you gently clean any pre-loved furniture before you put it in its new home. Remember to take the time to gently clean and polish any wooden furniture purchases too!



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