When you are the Noisy Neighbors upstairs..

It is hard enough living upstairs in an apartment complex but even harder yet when you have little children running about who can often sound like a herd of elephants to the neighbors downstairs. If you are the noisy neighbors upstairs, those extreme noise levels should really be the least of your concerns. Keeping your children safe that far above ground takes a little extra effort and a whole lot of common sense. Here are a few ideas for keeping child safety up and the noise levels down to a dull roar.

Let’s Start with Noise

Since noise is what led you here, let’s start with that. How can you keep those little feet from bothering the downstairs neighbors who work nights and sleep during the day? If you have carpeted rooms, that’s where your kids should be playing. Hardwood floors tend to make sounds reverberate and noise is magnified to the nth degree. If you have no rooms with carpets on the floor, a large area rug would do quite nicely. Also, soft-soled slippers are a must when living on upper floors. There really are ways to make your hardwood floors less noisy for the folks downstairs.

Child Safety Gates Are a Joke

If you are simply trying to keep your child contained in one area of the home, those expandable child safety gates might be sufficient. However, if you are living upstairs in a condo and need that extra security to make sure Johnny doesn’t topple down the stairs while you are folding the laundry, it’s time to get creative. Does daddy have a knack for DIY projects? Steel gates are easy to weld with the right equipment that can be rented from many home improvement centers. The one thing you might want to do is check out the Welding Outfitter for Lincoln welding helmets for sale. These usually aren’t for rent and are an absolute must when welding a steel bar safety gate that can be permanently attached to the door frame.

Safeguarding Your Windows

Another problem area when living upstairs with young children could be the windows in your unit. There are days that are cool enough to do without air conditioning and warm enough to open the windows for a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, this can be a disaster waiting to happen. While he’s at it welding a steel bar safety gate for your exterior doors, why not have dad weld safety bars for the windows you regularly open to let sun and air in the room? Again, reinforced steel is your best friend and is strong enough to keep little people in and big thieves out even if window access is plausible.

At the end of the day, those neighbors downstairs do deserve a bit of peace and quiet but it is always understood that living in a multi-family unit is not going to be ideally suited to lovers of tranquility. Your primary job as a parent is to ensure the safety of your children. Yes, you can teach them to be respectful of others and show them how being quiet is the neighborly thing to do but that should take a backseat to their safety. Keep them safe now and deal with manners later. It’s the right thing to do.


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