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Creating the perfect room.

Every year with the seasons changing from Summer to Autumn, my thoughts turn to my home decor. Perhaps it is a natural time to think about home styling as I know I will be spending more hours indoors? This year I am determined to restyle the bedrooms, turning them from just cosy to stylish yet comfortable places to relax.

Choosing a feature

I always think that every room needs a feature. Whether it is a structural one e.g. a built in fire place or an added feature like a special painting. My bedroom has a Super king sized handcrafted wooden bed making an ideal central feature to the room. So I’m going to be building the style of the room around that. It really helps having a main feature to build around!

Decide on a Colour scheme

Picking a colour scheme isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Our bedrooms are quite dark, so I need to choose a bright colour scheme! But I don’t want bright garish colours in the bedrooms, so instead I need to opt of bright pastel colours or whites.

I love metallics so I am keen to work a little metallic in somewhere! I’ve settled on adding silver accessories to an otherwise white room. With children in the house I feel choosing to have a white bedroom is perhaps foolish, but it is ultimately meant to be my room not theirs!

Make the most of the space!

I always want a room to feel spacious, and there are things you can do to make a room feel bigger even if it is a small room! I’ve found investing in a large mirror can give the impression that the room is bigger. A well placed landscape painting or photograph also has the same effect. If you can, replace bulky old heaters with new contemporary radiators  which take up less space and also look really smart too. I’m swapping to a sliding door wardrobe, then I won’t loose room space as I would if I had conventional wardrobe doors. I have seen just the wardrobe I want with glass and mirrored sliding doors while visiting a friend! Though I’m never sure if it’s ok to ask where people got their furniture, in this instance I will be asking!


I’m guilty of having too many lovely things, and the only way to really create my stylish room is to accept I can’t keep all the knick knacks I’ve collected! So, I’m going to have to sit and carefully decide which I cannot part with, and which really do need to find their way to the charity shop. After all, as William Morris famously said;

Having nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”



Disclaimer: Collaborative Post.