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A reason to declutter..

I am in the process of trying to de-clutter the house. When we moved home, I was horrified at how much “stuff” we had, and made a determined effort to declutter. I have to admit that the clutter has got worse over the last 12 months. Pregnancy makes me a hoarder, and having had a baby 7 months ago, I guess this explains why I just have not had the enthusiasm to work on the clutter until recently!

Moving and clutter..

What worries me most about all the clutter is the thought of ever moving again. I mean, at the moment I have no desire to move, but what if we did decide to? All the packing up of stuff is so stressful! I was talking to a friend recently, and she is moving house. She too has too much stuff. I was surprised to hear that she wasn’t bothered about the packing or moving at all. She had decided that there was only one way to move, and that was with professionals! She was going to pay to have a home removal company come in and pack up her current house, then move her to her new home. I asked her if she was worried about the cost and she replied that her sister was very organised and had already been comparing home removal companies!

I’ve never used a house removal company. Every house move has involved the stress of trying to cram things into boxes, and then squeeze the boxes into the car with the seats down, or a hire van if I’m lucky! So I’m quite taken with the idea of someone coming to pack up my home and move it for me! But I still need to honestly how many mugs does one family really need?!

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