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3rd Trimester Pregnancy Grumbles

A pregnancy grumble. I have tried hard not to grumble. Well, not too much anyway. However, it is hard when you feel exhausted. It’s hard when you back and hips hurt with every step, but you just can’t stop. You have to keep plodding along. The school run is  something I try to do with a smile. But I am honestly counting down the days until the Christmas holidays.


The exhaustion I am really struggling with. It’s hard not to tell people how selfish they are when they text or phone you late at night. When their messages are no more than telling you to do stuff so you “don’t forget..”. Especially, if they already know you are tired. A funny thing about pregnancy, is the inability to roll over without waking yourself up. Further adding to feeling like you really could do with a little extra sleep!


To be honest, if I didn’t feel so tired, I would probably be enjoying pregnancy a lot more. The feeling that I could just do with a little sleep, is very draining! I don’t remember feeling quite so tired with my other pregnancies. But, I think there’s lots I have “forgotten”. I know I’m not as organised this pregnancy, as I haven’t even thought about my maternity hospital bag..

Actually, I have to keep reminding myself how pregnant I am. I seem to still be in denial that actually we are into the final countdown. There’s so many things I still need to plan. I’ve yet to look at the baby clothes. I can’t decide on nappy brand  – reusable of course! A baby bath, buggy, baby sleeping bag.. Oh the list goes on.. Suddenly I am feeling dreadful that I am not at all organised! But, I’ll get there. There are basics like food shopping which I need to think about too. I don’t want to be food shopping with a newborn, so I need to batch cook and create a store cupboard. Perhaps I should write a list?? And have a lay down as it’s almost school run time again!