CAT E-Z machine R/C Control Toy Review

Many children go through the stage of loving construction toys. My daughter is always trying to steal her big brothers remote control cars. So getting the opportunity to review a remote control vehicle specifically aimed at age 2+ was ideal.


With Christmas on the way let’s talk about packaging. No one wants a toy which takes ages to get out of the packaging! The toy is packaged largely in frustration free packaging, good news! However, the remote control is held in place using cable ties which need scissors to be removed!


At quick glance, the packaging seemed to suggest 3 AAA batteries were required (not included with the toy). It wasn’t until I got the screw driver out and started putting the batteries in that I discovered I actually needed 6 AAA batteries! It actually states on the back 3 for the remote then 3 for the vehicle, but I was in some tired parent haze and initially missed that! So double check, and buy extra batteries or Christmas day may be difficult!

Play value

Turn the truck on by pressing the button on top, and it spins around. Press the button on the remote and it will move forward. The system is really easy to operate for small hands. While you can’t steer it, it is great fun for toddlers as they work out which way to send it and then press the forward button!

My thoughts..

I really wanted to love this toy, but it did feel quite cheap to hold. It is very light weight plastic. So, I don’t think it will survive very long. It actually got marked during the first play! With an RRP of £16.99, this isn’t a very expensive remote control toy, and it was very popular with the children. Aimed at age 2+ and I think that it would make a lovely gift for a toddler who loves diggers and building toys! The CAT Radio controlled E-Z Machine is available at Smyths for £14.99!


Disclaimer: This item was received in return for an honest review.