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Bonfire Night Treats..

Bonfire night is upon us, and I know my children love watching fireworks displays! However, I have to be honest by the time we have paid entry fees, I am reluctant to spend on treats while we are there. If you have a bigger family, the cost of going to events really adds up. When I multiply the cost of toffee apples and hot chocolate by the number of children, I’ve spent a lot!

So, this year I’m going all out to prepare special bonfire night treats for us all to enjoy! I know some displays don’t let you take your own snacks and drinks in, but they could be ready and waiting for when you get home! Some of the treats we are going to be making for Bonfire night are Chocolate apples and Toffee Apples.

Chocolate Apples

Chocolate Apples are popular with my children. The boys are able to make them with little supervision – adding to the appeal! We used two bars of milk chocolate and one bar of white chocolate. This covered 6 apples. We didn’t have any sticks, so we used spoons instead – they worked really well!

We decorated the apples with sprinkles and left them to set on grease-proof paper. They look impressive and the taste test got a big thumbs up!



Caramel Apples

I always associate Toffee Apples with Bonfire Night, I think it was the only night of the year when I was allowed toffee as a child, so that’s probably why! We tried out Purple Pumpkin Blog‘s Super simple caramel apple recipe.  Purple Pumpkin’s recipe was super simple, but unfortunately I couldn’t work fast enough with the children helping. The result was tasty, but unattractive. I think I need to try this again, with Mr G helping in future!

The mess, was.. Impressive. Sticky caramel drying quickly on surfaces. Chocolate splattered everywhere! Thankfully, Marigold had sent me some products to help with the clean up. I tend to only think of them for the bright yellow rubber gloves. But actually they make several cleaning accessories to assist in cleaning up a big mess!

Marigold cleaning accessories

I really like the wash and wipe cloths. The waffle fabric really helps to remove stubborn dirt. It’s also a cloth which can be washed and reused multiple times.

The kitchen was gleaming again quickly, ready for our next escapades!


Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of marigold products.