Bathroom Ideas

I believe that a bathroom should be haven of tranquillity. But, as a busy parent, our bathroom is very family friendly! Rubber ducks and child friendly bubble baths adorn the bathroom. However, when the children have gone to bed, I want the bathroom to become my at home spa!

With some careful planning, I think a bathroom can be multi-functional. I’ve started to plan how I’m going to turn our bathroom from functional to fantastic. Admittedly, it is very much a dream bathroom at the moment. But a girl can dream!

First of all, I’ve been looking at wall tiles. I have this image of having black wall tiles with flecks of sparkle in them. I really like the idea of a monochrome bathroom. It feels classy, timeless, and perfect for our family bathroom. Complimenting granite style floor tiles, with a vast freestanding bath.


Images: Travis Perkins

I would add a funky heated towel rail, something to look great even when it is empty! It’s obviously a practical choice too, I mean who doesn’t want a cosy towel when they climb out of the bath!

The next stage is choosing the accessories. I mentioned the bath toys which surround our bath, and I think we need more storage in our bathroom. Currently we only have a small bathroom cabinet, and it isn’t practical for family living! So, I’ve looked for modern, stylish cabinets, and fabulous glass shelving. Places I can store their bath toys when they are not in use, along with all the other bits and pieces which creep into a bathroom!


Images: Travis Perkins

Finishing Touches

To finish the luxurious style of the bathroom, I will add large fluffy white towels, and a large candle. Things which before I had children I probably took for granted, and now I associate with the luxury of a spa weekend! If you were planning your ideal bathroom, how would you style it?



Disclaimer: Collaborative Post