School Reports, and new classes..

It’s almost the end of the school year. It’s all about to change for the children, and to some extent for me. My youngest son E, is moving from Reception year into Year one, from the relative comfort of a classroom with open access to the outdoor area, and a teacher who encourages the children to learn outdoors. We were so lucky that E ended up with the same Year R teacher as B, she is a wonderful teacher who seems to have been able to bring the best out of both of my boys. E started off with her very slowly, he regressed slightly, refusing to speak much in class. His end of term report describes how “he has become a confident and fluent reader..” and that fills me with delight, as we spent months with him refusing to read telling me that Biff and Chip were “stupid”. Now he can’t wait to read with me, and loves book shopping as much as I do!

B is just finishing Year 3, he has had the most terrific teacher, we have been so, so lucky. She has been so understanding, and has taken the time to call me at home when she has had concerns or to tell me he’s done really well at something. B’s report is glowing, and I sat and cried reading the personal report from the teacher who has taken the time to really get to know my son.  B’s own report of his year actually is quite amusing as he details his “poor handwriting” as something he needs to work on, and interestingly his teacher raises this as an issue. B’s class is being mixed up next year, thankfully he’s quite excited about having a new class of friends. His teacher for year 4 is one he has had before, and unfortunately not one who got the best from him. However, I know that B now has enough learning skills to do well, if he puts his mind to it. I’m also hoping that the teacher will be happier teaching slightly older children, with a more exciting curriculum, but we will see..

So September will be a new start for the boys in their new classes, with new teachers or new friends, and I guess I will get to meet a new group of parents? I’m trying not to worry about whether they will be happy in their new classes, and instead focus on what a great year they’ve had. Yes, there have been bad days when they’ve struggled or been in trouble, but their glowing reports make up for every ‘rubbish’ day at school. Well done boys!