Wildlife watching from your window.

With the start of Autumn, and colder days, it’s an ideal time to spend a little time in the warmth of your home, seeing what wildlife you can spot out of your window! Rattan Direct are running a fabulous competition to win a Rio table and chair set for 4, so you’ll be able to sit in comfort while you watch for wildlife outside your window!

To enter, pop over to Rattan Direct and send them your best wildlife photo, it might be a bumble bee on your roses, a fox frolicking through the bins, or a bird of prey flying majestically over head.

What might you spot in your garden?

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, spend some time observing what is coming and going from your garden! No garden? You can still watch out for wildlife in communal open spaces or insects on your window boxes, they photograph beautifully!

Wild Bee on blue flower


Encouraging Wildlife:

If you have space you could build an insect or wild bee house in your garden, or perhaps leave a small area of your garden over grown. Certain plants are great for encouraging things like butterflies, so for example planting budlea trees will encourage lots of butterflies – they also like stinging nettles..!

In winter I try to encourage birds into the garden, I hang bird feeders on a tree which I can see from the kitchen, and it becomes a daily task to fill the feeders and watch as the variety of birds increases. You can buy bird feeders cheaply, or make bird cakes for very little cost.

Other wildlife.. hedgehogs can be spotted easily, they make a surprising amount of noise as they scuffle about in the garden! Autumn is a great time to spot them, and they love a bit of dog food! So, if you discover you have hedgehogs, putting down a little dog food will encourage them!

Water, always leave a water source out, we have a shallow dish on an upturned plant pot which works as a bird bath, and we’ve spotted a fox having a drink out of it too!

Good luck!



Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with Rattan Direct, all thoughts opinions and images are my own.