#MealPlanningMonday W/C 26th September

After a long break, I’ve decided to go back to meal planning each week. I read a fabulous post by The Joy of Five, and she wrote about how she was starting to budget for Christmas, and the best ways to make your food go further,and it got me thinking that I need to start meal planning again!

The meals for the week are below, but I should add there’s lots of fruit and vegetables which either get served with the meals or as a snack. We’ve also got homemade cakes and ice cream (yes homemade ice cream!) to devour this week! A picnic lunch is one we’re having on the move and usually combines different foods – think a ploughman’s in a lunchbox format. Breakfasts are cereal or porridge depending on whether the children are ravenous or not!



Lunch: Egg on Toast

Dinner: lasagna (I haven’t made this in wish me luck!)



Lunch: Cheese Scones

Dinner: Beans on Toast (It’s Football training night)



Lunch: Sandwiches

Dinner: Homemade Fishcakes and vegetables



Lunch: Picnic lunch

Dinner: Chilli



Lunch: Picnic Lunch

Dinner: Fried Rice



Lunch: Pizza (It’s a busy sporting day..)

Dinner: Fish, chips and peas.



Lunch: Picnic

Dinner: Grilled Halloumi, Sweet Potato Fries, roasted vegetables.


We might swap the meals around a little bit, but I do like having the plan as it makes shopping easier!