Coupons and money saving

Disclaimer; Sponsored Post, all thoughts are my own.

 Trying to save money is something I know lots of families are trying to do, especially on those essential purchases! Saving money on essentials, leaves a little extra for those treats! A few years ago I started to use coupons when I did our weekly shop, at first friends laughed that I’d be saving small amounts on a loaf of bread or cat food, but when I added up the saving over a month – it came to quite a decent total! The money I saved went towards other essential purchases, like clothes, and I was delighted that after a few months the money we’d saved added up to a decent family treat!

Then I started to think how else I might save money on other things too? I’ve mentioned before that I love shopping online, it’s so much easier than dragging three bored children around the shops! The other great thing about shopping online, is there are lots of discounts available, and those discounts mean I spend less cash AND haven’t had to drag the children around the stores!

Groupon coupons

  Groupon Coupons have lots of great discounts and offers for some of the biggest online stores, from The Disney Store or ebay there is a huge variety of stores all offering different deals. So before you make that purchase, stop and have a look to see if there are any deals with the store you’re buying from. Just remember, 10% off might not sound much, but if you’re shopping for that item anyway you may as well save the 10% off! Coupons for things you were buying anyway are really like cash in your pocket, and each small saving adds up!