Losing focus and re-focusing – Weight loss.

I lost focus with weightloss, I got bored, I started to cheat, I stopped. I didn’t gain, but I had a break, life has been stressful and I needed to focus my attention on other things.

Once the time was right, I got back into looking at what I was eating and how much. Portion sizes are an issue, they’ve crept up over the years and are now rather large. We all know the theory, eat less exercise more, but the practise is harder when you’ve learnt bad habits over several years, but I am trying to un-learn the bad habits! I remember seeing a programme years ago which suggested that after a certain amount of food, you stop being able to taste the food, and that you ought to eat slowly until the flavour wasn’t quite as tasty. At the time I thought this was a stupid idea (mostly perhaps as at that point I had a good figure and didn’t over eat anyway), but in the last few weeks I’ve been trying this theory out and really enjoying eating, but not over-eating, so maybe there is something in it?

Over the last week I’ve been eating well and have lost 3lbs which I’m delighted with. I have got the 4 year olds horrible cold now though, and have been indulging in a few more treats than I should, so I’m not holding out much hope for any more than a maintain for next week!

I have plans to join a Yoga class after Easter, and I’m going to start using the extra hour of evening light to start walking. I would run but the physio banned me from running, so a brisk walk will have to do. Now the main hurdle I have is to simply avoid eating to many Easter treats!