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Plus Size Fitness Wear from Miss Matahari

I’ve made no secret that three children, and 7 years of neglecting to participate in much physical activity has taken its toll. I am overweight, under toned and unhappy. Before I became the person I am today, I used to wonder why people who were unhappy didn’t just throw on a pair of trainers and some gym clothes and get down to the gym to change the situation. Now, I realise that body image can be quite upsetting, especially when you’re jiggling about trying to burn those calories and are confronted by a floor to ceiling mirror. I need plus sized fitness wear which makes me feel great, rather than covers every inch of me like a tent. Miss Matahari, doesn’t just sell to the more curvy woman, the range has been designed so that every woman can feel and look great while working out.Whether you’re a fitness pro, or have decided it’s time to start getting fit, the Miss Matahari collection is worth a look. I was sent some Miss Matahari Capri pants, they’re made of a super soft fabric which fits closely yet doesn’t chaff your skin like some fabrics do, the inside of the fabric is softer than microfleece so is ludicrously comfortable. This is a luxury technical fabric, it’s breathable and is long life stretch – so no fear of saggy bottoms!



Being tall, I worried about the fit on the leg, these fit just below the knee, and as the fabric is so soft they are remarkably comfortable. The top of the pants can be folded down, to get a better fit or to make them more comfortable, personally I still like the top up as my Mum tum needs as much support as it can get right now! The capri pants glide over my lumps and bumps, they do not cling, I feel comfortable in them and they stay put while I’ exercising so no need to adjust them after every set of exercises! I have only worn them for home work outs so far, but I am intending on wearing them to a yoga class next week as they’re so comfortable!


They’re a simple but effective design, with a subtle detail on the rear zipped pocket,genuine Swarovski crystals which make up the Miss Matahari logo, these are made to be practical but are effortlessly stylish too!


So, are you warrior enough? Check out the collection below, and do say hello over on twitter – Miss Matahari




Disclaimer: I was asked to provide honest feedback on the capri pants reviewed, all thoughts are my own.