Weight loss, I’m an over eater #muffintopmonday

So, I’ve been watching my weight properly for one week now. It hasn’t been easy as baby Yo has been up nearly every night teething, and when I am tired my instant reaction is to reach for the biscuits! But somehow we have muddled through, and I have probably had a little more energy by not filling myself up with sugar.

It has been an interesting week where I have learnt the times when I am in danger of snacking. I’ve also worked out the best way for me to deal with snacking is to get up and move physically away from wherever I am, and the move usually is enough to make me forget that I wanted to snack! While we’ve been out and about it has been a little harder as I’ve virtually drooled over chocolate cake, and had to tell myself to just think about it before i impulse buy, once I’ve walked away to “think” I am pleased to say I haven’t persuaded myself to go back – possibly helped by my 4 year old who now likes to get into hot debate while we’re out shopping! Of course I’ve been far from angelic, I’ve had two meals out, including a trip to pizza hut with the children, I managed to only eat two slices of pizza and enjoy every bite, rather than over eat! I was rather pleased with myself, as my greatest weakness is undoubtedly my tendancy to over eat.

I’ve started to exercise a little, incorporating a walk or fitness dvd into each day to try to tone up and get my fitness levels to increase slowly! I am still doing squats while I wait for the kettle to boil, and while I can’t notice and improvements, I’m sure some are better than none! I’m trying to build up enough confidence to join the local Yoga group, as I think it would help with stress too! I’ve never tried Yoga, but I love pilates so hoping I feel the same about Yoga!

So, the results.. this week the scales show I’ve lost a dramatic 7 1/2 lbs! I can already see my tummy is going down, and I feel lighter though I’m not sure I look any different to anyone else! I’m hoping for 2lb’s off for next week, but I’ll be happy with 1lb as it’s all going in the right direction! I was motivated this week by Kate on Thin Ice and Mummy M’s Memories, do pop over and read their stories!