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Snuzpod and beyond.

Yo has moved out of the Snuzpod. Finally, she got to big to sleep comfortably in it and I had to admit she needed to move into a cot. I assumed I would be excited about the transition, as I had been with her big brothers when they moved from moses basket to cot, but actually I felt rather sad. The Snuzpod was amazing, and I’m sure it played a huge part in my continuing with breastfeeding. Having your baby close means that over night feeds or spells of restlessness are easier to handle, being able to scoop your baby into your arms while still in the warmth of your bed does help when you’re totally exhausted – it might sound daft, but it really helped me. The advice on safer sleeping is to have your baby in a crib next to your bed for the first 6 months, and the Snuzpod allowed me to enjoy having Yo close, with no barriers so I could see her sleeping safely, and reach out to reassure myself if I was worried – which I was quite frequently in the first weeks.

While there are 3 ways to use the Snuzpod, but it was the bed-side element which I’ve been most impressed with, there is nothing quite as amazing as waking up seeing a smiling little face looking back at you! I had captured some adorable photos of Mr G asleep on my side of the bed and Yo asleep in her Snuzpod, holding onto his hand, sadly the SD card has been lost so I can’t share them, but it was an adorable sight.


Before we moved Yo into her cot, I put the side back on the Snuzpod to get myself used to the idea of her moving into a cot, it was for my benefit as she didn’t notice anything, but I felt a bit sad that waking to the morning smiles was going to change. After the first night I was reassured that she was happy, and we continued using the Snuzpod for 2 weeks with the side on, so I knew Yo would be happy moving into her cot and that I would be OK about it too!


The transition from Snuzpod to cot was quite easy, I treated Yo to some Little Green Sheep cot sheets as they’d sent us some for our Snuzpod and I was impressed that even after 6months use, they are still soft and fabulous – well apart from the one which I accidentally dyed grey by getting it mixed in with a dark denim wash but that’s entirely my fault! I would recommend the sheets as they’re so soft on baby’s delicate skin, and they don’t bobble – so no rough bits against skin. Yo settled into her cot well on her first night, I think she appreciated the extra room so she can roll easily around.

The Snuzpod needs a little tlc before we put it away, so my job for today is to give it a clean and carefully pack it away. We’ve decided to keep it rather than pass it onto a friend, as we’re not convinced we won’t want to use it again at some point, yes we really were that impressed!

Should you buy a Snuzpod? Well here’s my reasons why I think you should;

  • This is a really green product, they avoid the use of nasty chemicals and go organic where possible. Little Green Sheep who make the Snuzpod, one of only a few brands to use PEFC certified, EO rated green ply, this guarantees zero formaldehyde.
  • The Snuzpod makes life easy, keeping baby close but safe in their own space right next to you.
  • It looks stylish!
  • It’s sturdy – no fear of it tipping.
  • It’s not going to miraculously help your baby sleep, but it certainly seemed really comfortable!
  • The versatility of it meant we could choose what worked for us for day time naps etc.


A huge thank you to Little Green Sheep for letting us review the superb Snuzpod over the last 6 months, we’ve genuinely loved it!