Will changing my mobile phone deal save money..(maybe?)

Where we used to live, we were limited to just one mobile provider in order to get signal at home. It might sound silly, but I do like to be able to answer my mobile when I’m at home, and infact I don’t often give out our landline number! Being limited to a single mobile provider meant we didn’t have the ability to choose the “best deal” we just had to take what we could get. We ended up buying our handsets sim free, and going onto pay as you go as it saved us quite a large amount of money doing it that way!

I like buying a sim-free handset as I have the freedom to change it when I want to, actually my current handset I’ve had happily for two years, and I’m not really in a rush to change it as it does everything I need. In the past I have done well be recycling my old phone, even if it is quite old or broken phones usually have some value and it’s worth shopping around as the prices firms pay can vary!

Now we’ve moved house,  we have a few more choices of mobile provider, looking at the mobile network guide is helpful to let me know which provider can offer what and where. It’s not just about best coverage where I live, it’s also about general coverage, customer service and of course value for money.

In the past I’ve gone for the best deal to get a “free phone” but know that actually I’ve ended up paying for lots more than I will actually use. So, I’ve written down how I use my mobile, it’s mostly for incoming calls, data and a few texts. So, I know I don’t want a package with thousands of inclusive minutes as I won’t use them! Currently I’m on Pay as you go with Asda Mobile, I buy a £7 bundle each month and that’s usually plenty to cover me for the month. I like not being tied into a contract, as if one month we’re a bit short of money I don’t have to worry about paying the mobile phone bill! I’ve noticed there are lots of month by month contracts, so I really need to look into those, but I worry that perhaps they aren’t as simple as they look? So, I need to investigate to see if I can beat £7 per month and still get enough texts and data..can I do it?!

This is a collaborative post, all thoughts and opinions are my own and based on my own experiences.