What my 9 Month old baby is up to.. The baby update!

The 9 month baby update, and it’s amazing how things are progressing for baby Yo! Suddenly she seems very grown up!



Oh wow can my daughter move! She can army crawl at speed, clamber over things, and stand up while holding on to things.. She spends hours just standing up and then sitting down, she’s definitely strengthening those leg muscles ready for walking!


We finally tried avocado, she loved avocado..then we tried it again and she mushed it up all over her high chair.. She does not like avocado it would seem. Everything else so far, is popular. I’m trying to give her lots of variety of flavours, though sticking to “new” foods at lunch time when she is not as tired and therefore more willing to try whatever is put in front of her. She is also drinking happily from a straw, very cute!


This should really be “noises” as the only vague word we’re getting so far is “cat” which may not actually be “cat” as it is said frequently whenever Yo is excited! But personally I think to be 9 months and making any sound resembling a word is quite clever, and there are lots of other sounds (and volumes) coming through too, so it’s all good! RASPBERRIES!! She has started blowing raspberries, much to everyones amusement – especially her own!

Everything else!

Yo’s personality is coming out more and more each day, she is intent on following her brothers around and trying to play with their toys. She is struggling with seperation anxiety, when I leave a room she will cry (even when she is sat with her brothers and Daddy). I’m working on this by attempting to get her more used to me not taking her everywhere with me, and reassuring her that I will return! So short spells of time without Mummy, e.g. while I have a bath on my own! Wish us luck!





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  • jennie

    What a lovely update x Bea is a shocking eater really only likes watermelon, bread and cheese! She is a super fast crawler and has now mastered climbing the stairs! Time is zooming by x