Ways to Monetise A Blog In 2020

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Moneytise a blog?

I’ve been blogging since 2010. Things have altered greatly in the decade I’ve been writing blogs. What started as an outlet to parent hood has allowed me to write about many things, and making some money along the way too. I think that the ways you can monetise your blog have increased dramatically too. There are so many ways to earn! I’ve planned that in 2020 I really push on and monetise my blog in an enjoyable way for both myself and my readers too! This year we have two residential stays to pay for so every penny counts! I’m sharing my favourite ways to Monetise a blog in 2020.

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

Join bloggers networks.

Joining professional networks like Britmums, and The Flea Network will help keep you in touch with opportunities. But designed for professional bloggers who will produce great content. They might be paid, reviews or other opportunities.

There’s also networks who specialise in paid blogging projects. For example Get Blogged who specifically aim to help bloggers and clients find their perfect match. It’s free for bloggers to register. Once registered you can apply for all the current vacancies that you’re a good fit for. You’ll hear if you’ve been accepted for a campaign by email, and then you can either accept or decline the work. I like it as the briefs are easy to understand with a clear deadline.

Network in Facebook groups.

Facebook has loads of groups for bloggers- find one that suits your niche! They are useful for advice too not just money making opportunities!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something I am intending on using a bit more this year! It’s basically where you earn a small fee whenever someone buys via your link to a store. So, if I loved some trainers that I had bought from Po-Zu, I could sign up to their affiliate scheme and every time I talked about them on line (and used my affiliate link) I would increase my chances of earning. It’s really important to always disclose affiliate links!

There are lots of companies who offer affiliate schemes. Some are more generous than others, and most like to check your site out carefully first. Amazon seems to be a popular choice amongst many bloggers I know, especially on the run up to Christmas.

Writing Sponsored Content

So, many opportunities I’ve mentioned come from writing content which is paid for by a company or brand. The next time an email drops into your inbox asking if you’d like to review a relatively low value product, don’t be afraid to ask if they will pay you for the review. They may not have a budget, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Know your value!

I think my biggest tip is have your rate card planned out before you get offered any work. Work out what you will charge to write a post or host a companies guest post on your site. Remember to allow for not just the time spent writing a piece, but also the cost of hosting it. That way you can respond quickly and efficiently when asked what your charge to write content is.

Most importantly, remember that your blog needs to be enjoyable for readers, but also you need to enjoy writing it! Don’t be afraid to say not to paid content if it won’t be a good fit with your blog, or you aren’t interested in writing about the topic.