2020 My New Year Plans…

I have a love hate relationship with New Year. I love the idea of a fresh start, but the reality is sometimes I feel as though I’ve not achieved as much as I wanted to have done the previous year.

So, I’m finding a balance this year. I shall reward my efforts. Celebrate the small achievements along the way to a bigger goal. So, what are my plans?


I really want to start doing park run with my bigger boys. They love running so I feel that would be a great way for us to get out doing something together. I have lots more thoughts for my 2020 fitness plans, but I’ll keep that for a separate post.


With two residential trips on the horizon, I want the children to be able to enjoy their trips and I don’t want to be worrying about money. So I’m going to try to plan our finances a little better this year.

Green living – grow our own

Our green living continues! I let our vegetable growing efforts slip last year, so 2020 will see an increase in vegetable and fruit growing! Our garden needs a lot of tlc, so I’ll share our antics as we try to make it look beautiful again.


The more I read the more the children read! I have two keen readers and a competent but reluctant reader. So 2020 is about challenging my children and I to read more!


I am planning a summer holiday, we may not get on our holiday…but I am planning it! I need some time at the beach no matter which country!

I think that’s it? I’ll write a bit more on each in separate posts, as yes, I intend to start writing more this year!