Vegan-friendly Banana Cake

Vegan-friendly banana cake has been on my to do list to make for a while. But we rarely have bananas which get ripe enough to be used for cooking, they get eaten way before that. I had to pop into a local shop over the weekend to buy bread, and they had a huge amount of of very ripe bananas reduced to 28p per bunch. So, I ended up buying two bunches, knowing they would be used within hours.

Tip – Bananas freeze really well for use in baking, or smoothies at a later date. I peel and slice the bananas I plan on freezing. As it’s much easier than trying to cut a whole frozen banana!

Banana cake is really easy to make, and this one we baked as a large tray bake. I find tray bakes are easy to cut up to portion control, and ideal if you’re baking for lunch boxes too. It will freeze well too, if it lasts long enough to make it to the freezer! We didn’t ice it, but a friend suggested using Vegan Cream Cheese and icing sugar to make it extra special. I have to admit, I also think a Biscoff icing would work well with it, but I didn’t have any Biscoff at baking time!

This recipe uses coconut oil, weigh it out, then warm it up to make it into a liquid ready to add to the recipe. Coconut oil I was a little reluctant to cook with, I thought everything would taste “coconut” but it really doesn’t. I wish I’d worked out how easy it is to bake with sooner.

Vegan-friendly banana cake, this makes a very large traybake. If you’re a smaller household you may wish to halve the recipe.

Banana Cake Recipe:

4 ripe bananas – mashed

350g Brown Sugar

450g Self-Raising Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

200g Coconut oil

1 x carton love oggs aquafaba (equivalent to 4 eggs)

Mash bananas until smooth, mix in the sugar and coconut oil. Sift the flour and baking powder, mix well. Shake the aquafaba and add to the mix, stirring continually until it is blended in.

Line a large tray bake tin, and pour in the mixture. Bake at 180c for approx 30minutes, or until golden brown.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes in the tray, then lift onto a wire rack to cool.