Plastic Free Tea from Brew Tea co.

Tea. Do you drink it? It’s our favourite tipple. We drink a huge amount of tea in our household. We switched to loose leaf tea over a year ago. Deciding to use tea leaves to reduce our plastic waste. But we were quite limited with our choice of plastic free packaged tea leaves which could be bought in a supermarket. Multiple times we had to just but an alternative which was not quite what we wanted.

Then we discovered The Brew tea company.

This is the Brew Tea Co starter kit. It contains everything you need to get started. The glass tea pot holds a cup and a half of tea, I do need to invest in a bigger pot, but it is the perfect sized pot for one!

The tea leaves are proper leaves, not granules or dust, but actually leaves. I was impressed with this, although initially worried whether we would enjoy the flavour of the tea. It looked so different to our regular brand. A scoop of tea into the pot and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. (That’s usually long enough for me to make toast!) Then pour. I think it makes a wonderful cup of tea, with an almost sweet flavour. We made the switch at Christmas and we won’t be switching again!

The best bit? The tea is packaged entirely plastic-free! Even what I thought was a plastic inner is actually not plastic at all and can go in with food waste bin collections.

It’s available to buy directly, at Amazon, Waitrose and Holland and Barrett to! Which means I don’t need to worry about running out. I think it is a little pricey, but it is worth every penny!