The Benefits of Meal Prepping.

Collaborative Post

Do you know the benefits of meal prepping? I have to confess that processed food has a habit of sneaking into our weekly meals and snacks. I try to eat a healthy diet. But, sometimes we have weeks with sausages and pizza, burgers and well, a lot of processed foods. As my children get older, I’m aware of encouraging them to eat a balanced diet. Explaining why less processed foods and more whole foods are important. So, when I was asked to share this infographic I was very pleased. Mostly, as it acts as a reminder to me. I know that meal prepping, and eating healthy food makes me feel better, and it tends to save me money too. With hungry children, it’s easier to keep them fuller for longer when I cook from scratch – so I spend less! It’s a win, win situation.

Provided by Itaki

The benefits of meal prepping are huge! It might sound tedious, but once you get into a routine each week it really is easy to do! Cooking from scratch you know exactly what is going into each meal, and cooking can be a fun family activity too!