Gatorade – Sports Drink Review

I have been loyal to a brand of sports drink for quite some time. I like to have a sports drink when I’m exercising. I want a sports drink which really hydrates me, while giving me enough energy to go just a little further. But, I’ve never really thought to try an alternative to my normal drink. Until last week! I was given the opportunity to try Gatorade and share my thoughts.


Gatorade I’ve always thought of as for athletes, but strangely never considered using it myself. Gatorade has 50 years of heritage! It was invented in 1965 by the University of Florida for their football team – the Gators! (Hence the name!) Most recently it’s been used by soccer teams such as FC Barcelona and Manchester City!

Gatorade is designed to aid athletes, and it contains 6% carbohydrates alongside electrolytes to aid hydration and recovery.

I was impressed with the flavours on offer, the orange is really tasty and more thirst quenching than my normal brand. I found the bottles easy to drink from on the go, and I felt hydrated and energised after drinking Gatorade!

The pack I tried contained a squeezey reusable bottle – this is great if you’re trying to drink on the go! Also a handy Gatorade branded towel which is the perfect size for my gym bag!

Am I converted? I think so! I like that I can easily buy Gatorade on Amazon, and there’s powder versions available too – perfect to mix and use with the reusable bottle! It does what I need it to as a sports drink, and I feel it’s a more refreshing alternative to my usual brand of sports drink!