Top 5 Kids Christmas Films

I’m the first to admit that I’m getting a little excited about our first Christmas as a family of 6! One of our favourite ways to get in the festive mood is watching a Christmas film, and we usually watch a couple after School each week on the countdown to Christmas.

Now, my list is controversial, it doesn’t include many of the great festive favourites we have come to love each Christmas (Elf doesn’t feature…) but it is 5 films which we love as a family – and they may give you some inspiration for the season! So, why not get ready with a cosy blanket, mug of hot chocolate and some popcorn and one of these festive favourites!

Saving Santa

This is a heart warming tale which follows an elf save Santa! In the mix are “baddies” and time travel – it has captured the imagination of my younger children. I have to confess to singing along to the songs too!

Arthurs Christmas

Fabulous family fun! This film shows you how Santa “really works”. When Santa misses delivering a present it’s up to Arthur to make sure that the present gets delivered!

The Snowman

This was my favourite Christmas film as a child, and it still is! Actually it’s part of my annual Christmas Eve routine! Who can resist a Snowman who comes to life and flies to visit Santa?

Father Christmas

Ever wondered what Father Christmas gets up to when he’s not busy delivering presents? This classic film has lots of humour for children and grown-ups – and reveals exactly what the big man gets up to all year round!

The Littlest Reindeer

We were sent a review copy of The Littlest Reindeer and we loved it – do check out our review here.