Tips for gorgeous skin

There are literally hundreds of skin products on the market, and they all make claims to rejuvenate, balance, clear, or even turn back time. But what do these products do, and what do we really need on a daily basis for glowing, radiant skin? Here are the four steps and products that everyone should follow and use on a daily basis;

1. Cleanser

Your skin needs a thorough cleanse every morning and at night, especially if you have been wearing makeup. Cleansers come in many varieties, such as gel cleansers that need water and foam up, and creams that you use with cotton pads. If your skin is prone to dryness, a cream cleanser will be best. If you are oily or acne prone, then opt for a deep cleansing gel wash. Avoid washes with micro beads; daily scrubbing is damaging to your skin, and the plastic beads are terrible for the environment.

2. Toner

Do you really need a toner? Yes! When you cleanse, you alter the pH balance of your skin, and a toner rebalances it. Toner also prepares the skin for moisturising. Using a toner means that your moisturiser gets right into the skin, right past the top layer (the epidermis), down into the middle layer (the dermis), where the skin cells are formed.

3. Moisturiser

Your moisturiser does many things. It can balance oily skin, rehydrate dry skin, or calm sensitive skin. It also acts as a defence against the environment. Pollution, sun, makeup – they can all affect your skin in negative ways. Choose a moisturiser that suits your skin type and age, and if possible, with an SPF as even on a dull day your skin is still exposed to UV rays.

4. Facial oils and serums.

These are usually much more high tech, and work more like skin treatments. Facial oils won’t, despite the name, make your skin break out in oily spots. Think of facial oils as food for the skin. Serums are like super skin boosts, and both oils and serums should be worn underneath, and in addition to, your moisturiser.

General skin care

There’s little point investing all this time and using super serums if your diet is bad or if you smoke. The best thing you can do is quit the cigarettes, or if you are having trouble, try e-cigarettes, such as Vapouriz, as they are much less damaging to the skin. As for diet, the old saying “you are what you eat” applies a little here, eating healthier and ensuring you drink enough water each day will be reflected in your skin – I know a healthy diet encourages my skin to look naturally radiant.


Disclaimer: In collaboration with Vapouriz.


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