Thrifty Children’s fashion! #MagpieMonday

This weekend we braved the freezing cold weather and managed to have a quick look around the local car boot sale. Pickings were thin on the ground, with lots of children’s toys mostly in dismal condition and very little else. However, on the last stall, there were a small selection of boys clothes piled on top of one another which I couldn’t resist looking through, and I was glad I did!

I managed to find hiding amongst the pile of clothes, a pair of fabulous cords and a polo shirt in as good as new condition, both by the trendy Joules brand, and costing 50pence each! The cords are seriously cute, the pockets are lined with a checked material and they’re just…scrumptious! I also ended up buying a thick Gap jumper and some beautifully lined Boden trousers, which E is currently wearing! So, E’s wardrobe is all updated for spring for a grand sum of £2! He looks very cute, even if I do say so myself! He’s being camera shy this morning but I will try to grab a photo and update when I’ve captured him looking so dapper!

Dressing the boys can get expensive so I try to thrift where I can – especially as they grow so fast! I’m delighted with my finds!

Me and My Shadow