Friday Feeling..

I meant to post this after Mothering Sunday, but with yet another tummy bug in the house (and me as it’s unwilling victim!) I’ve been delayed. I do think however, that it’s the perfect post for a Friday especially as today is Comic Relief.

I think at times I’m guilty of taking things for granted, and worrying about the little things in life. When it comes down to it, I need to remind myself that as long as we are all healthy, safe and have each other, nothing else really matters. 

This note written by Boo is super special to me, 

Dear Mummy, you are rock because you do making with me..

He was meant to be writing “you are amazing” but wanted to write “you rock” there’s my Mr Independent! I love that he said it was because I do making with him, as usually that’s either junk modelling or cooking, so it shows it’s about spending money but spending quality time, that’s what I remember from childhood and clearly Boo already loves. I’m counting my blessings and sending a donation to Red Nose Day, remembering every little helps to make a difference.

Ms G xx