Dear Boo..

Dear Boo,

I’m not sure I tell you often enough how splendid you are! You are so noisy and interested in everything, that I find myself constantly telling you to be quiet or not ‘ferret about in that cupboard’, and I forget to tell you how much you amaze me each day!
Yesterday you made me cry, not by being horrid, but by giving me something so precious that my heart literally melted in the same way it did when I very first held you. This is going to sound ridiculous, but it was a  hand written note, addressed to Mum, Dad, E and Cat saying you loved us very much, and it made me tears stream down my cheeks! 

You had sat up the corner on your own and carefully crafted this note, you glowed as you carefully handed it over and then disappeared behind a cushion to watch my reaction as I opened it. I think you suspected I may criticise your spelling, and this is why you watched my reaction from behind that cushion? I confess I sometimes forget you are only 4..and your teacher often reminds me to always praise your writing even if it is ‘wrong’.. but this note? It was perfect.

Boo you make me so proud, and I’ll try not to tell you to ‘shhh’ too much from now on! xx