The importance of Breastfeeding.. #KBBF2014


I want to write about what I think the benefits of breast feeding are for me, people may not agree, but then like most aspects of parenting, it’s a very personal experience, and this is mine! I wanted to breastfeed Boo from the day of our 12 week scan, I had visions of being the “perfect” mother, breastfeeding, cloth nappies, and obviously I’d ping straight back into my size 10 jeans oh.. and he’d NEVER cry – he’d always be to content. Oh how ignorant I was. Boo’s birth wasn’t great for me, although on paper they kept pointing out that I had “laboured well” they didn’t point out things which hadn’t gone so well..the tearing, the heavy blood loss..all things which make being a new mother that bit harder. I remember being handed Boo, and told to “stick him on the boob” I did (or I thought I did) but he just comfort sucked, and no one pointed out that he was comfort sucking until the following day when a midwife visited us at home. I adored Boo from the moment he was handed to me, and holding him close was the best experience of my life, as I type I am crying tears of happiness remembering what a special feeling it was. I struggled breastfeeding Boo, even with support and then medication, the supply dried up and I was left feeling like I had failed him as I left Mr G to feed him a bottle of formula while I sobbed in the next room.

Oh what a silly girl, to feel bad about something I couldn’t control, I had struggled along for weeks before we gave in to formula – and then it was only to ensure the poor child was fed, not because I didn’t want to, but I blamed myself anyway. It was only when I became pregnant with E, that I realised how foolish my guilt was, and sat remembering the cuddles with Boo which had bonded us in those precious weeks of feeding, I knew I had to try again! I may not have managed to feed Boo for as long as I had hoped, but I also know those first few weeks were precious for bonding AND contained the most important nutrients for him!

When E arrived, his birth was amazing, but he wasn’t interested in feeding. The midwives wouldn’t let me leave until he had fed, and in the end we resorted to tickling his feet while he was fed to keep him awake! (that works wonders by the way!). We left hospital the same day, and I felt terrific as all was going to plan. I worried that Boo wouldn’t like it when I sat down to feed E, but he used to come and sit next to me for a cuddle or to watch a film. It sort of forced the three of us to bond while Mr G was at work! I’m not going to lie, night feeds I found hard, but then if you think getting up in the middle of the night to make up a bottle is easy think again..(yes been there done that!) I’d rather be able to just get out of bed to lift baby into my arms and feed!! With breastfeeding (unless you express to bottle feed) there is no sterilising, no warming the milk, checking the temperature etc. I won’t say breastfeeding is an “easy” option, it is tiring and emotional at times, BUT you do feel a sense of achievement when baby gives you their first milk drunk smile, and that is something I don’t think I will ever forget! So I’m looking forward to doing it all again when bump arrives, and while I’m less than excited at the concept of leaky boobs, once I get started I know it’ll all be manageable and it’s worth it for the special bond between Mother and baby I’ll create! I’m going to be super comfortable and well supported on my Theraline pregnancy and feeding cushion, do check Theraline out if you’re looking for a good support to use while breastfeeding!

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Ms G x


  • Sharon Kirkley

    It took me a while before I felt really comfortable breastfeeding and up until that point I propped myself up with pillows and used a breastfeeding cushion. It really does make a difference to get into the right position!

  • Sarah Rider

    I didn’t decide to breastfeed until the moment my little girl was placed in my arms. It seemed so natural. It wasn’t easy. But with support from my partner we got there. Now at 13m it was the best choice I made and we’re still going strong x

  • Sarah Strickland

    I had a difficult time with breastfeeding at the beginning, but I am loving it these days (ten months on) and hoping to keep going for a good while yet, despite being back at work in a month’s time. It’s great to hear of your experiences.

  • Alison

    I always intended to breastfeed because breastmilk is the most natural source of nutrition and comfort for a new babe. When my tiny dot was born she was only 4lb 4oz (at 38weeks due to preeclampsia). I felt like my body had failed to grow her. As she piled on the pounds with breastmilk, I was so proud of my body being able to grow her on the outside as well as all the other benefits she’s had from it. She still has 2-3 feeds a day at 15 months 🙂

  • rozzibee

    I never decided to feed, I just knew I was going to. I struggled with #2, so I’m hoping this baby (due in 6 weeks) will be easier

  • Christie ashby

    For me I wanted to breastfeed because it’s what i saw as being normal, natural and best for my baby

  • Emma wantoch

    Lovely blog! I chose to feed my little one as it is the best food for babies and also I can! x

  • natalie davy

    I felt a deep guilt for not standing my ground and breastfeeding my first daughter. I had only just turned 16 and had no support. My bond with my eldest suffered due to the severe postnatal depression that I developed. I was terrified of history repeating and was afraid that I would not be able to fix the cracks like I managed to with the relationship between me and my daughter. Breastfeeding really seals the deal and brings us all closer as a family. We use the quiet time to chat and read to each other. Plus it’s so convenient!

  • Morgane Bonnomet

    I chose to breastfeed as it was the best for my baby and I wanted to try … managed 10 months with my first and finally after 3 hard weeks I am breastfeeding with my second son 🙂

  • Candise Moore

    I wanted to give it a go, struggled and then was more determined than ever to succeed.

  • esther

    I love breastfeeding. for all the awkward boob-flashing and night wake-ups there are a hundred cuddles where I feel truly blessed!

  • Hayley

    It’s such a shame that like so many others you weren’t given good advise and help to start feeding. I don’t understand why more emphasis isn’t put on explaining to new mums the difference between comfort sucking and feeding, and how to teach a newborn to nurse.

  • Melody King

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. We’ve had a rough ride with breastfeeding so far and it’s been so much harder than I expected even though I expected it to be “challenging” but it’s so amazing when it all works 🙂

  • Helen Tobin-Perry

    Because I wanted to try to give my baby the best start I could and to bond with them x For me it is the best thing ever <3

  • gemma clark

    It just felt like the right thing to do. I just wish i’d stuck at it for longer!

  • Amy

    I decided to breastfeed because it’s the most natural way to feed baby. It’s also free!

  • Lydia

    I wanted to see if I could and I didn’t have any clue about formula and bottles anyway!

  • Mama Raven

    I knew all along that I wanted to breastfeed as it’s just the natural thing to do, and I wanted to give my baby the best possible start in life. Little did I know how difficult it would be! We battled through 11 very hard weeks of problems (thrush, mastitis, latching issues, not to mention recovering from blood loss and a third degree tear, post-natal depression and sleep deprivation…Oh, the sleep deprivation!).

    I’m so glad we got through it all, as now, just over 9 months in, we’re both so happy on our breastfeeding journey and it’s as though those initial long weeks of issues never even existed. Now, I can’t imagine doing anything else! 🙂

  • Anneliese

    It was just the obvious choice for me, I had no reason to choose formula and every reason to feed my baby my own milk!

  • sam baddams

    because i decided how could i totally support my teenage daughters if they want to breastfeed when older if id never done it myself! so started with baby no 9

  • Emma

    To give my baby the best start in life. I took it day by day, it always felt difficult at night, I was ready to give up. But each time morning came I changed my mind again

  • frances hopkins

    Unfortunately I didn’t, but my friend will be when she has her baby, mainly for convenience x