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32 Weeks Pregnant – Aches and Pains

32 weeks pregnant, hooray! But ouch, as my hips hurt and I waddle everywhere at a pace to rival a snail, bending over makes me dizzy or nauseous or if I’m lucky.. both! Baby kicks, they’re more wriggles now, although when I get kicked there’s no mistaking it and it’s usually when I’m resting something (e.g. my arm) on the bump! Baby seems to hiccup alot, which is amusing, I remember Boo seemed to hiccup constantly for the duration of the last trimester! The bump feels (and looks) huge, and I am aware that I have become a little greedy which is adding to the size of the bump! I seem to have developed an obsession with fruit, but I am hating pineapple (which I usually adore!) and I have gone off various other foods quite dramatically to. I am in a stage of requiring lots of ice in every drink, to the point where I’ve bought a bag of ice-cubes as I am so keen on them!

I’ve found dressing the bump quite difficult, being tall (just under 5ft 11) and trying to dress the bump seems a struggle, so I have resorted to layers, I probably should have just invested in a bump band and worn my pre-pregnancy clothes! However, I adore my maternity vest and a fabulous nautical stripey top from Topshop, denim knee length shorts from Newlook (though the band on them I can’t seem to get to stay where it’s meant to be so it’s permenantly folded down?!), birkie sandals (a charity shop purchase – they were new and £3!). I’m just getting used to dressing the bump, it’s only taken til 32weeks pregnant.. still atleast I will hopefully make it to delivery day looking mildy stylish!

In other news, I’m quite aware of my weight gain this pregnancy, I wasn’t exactly a sylph when I became pregnant and I fear being the size of a large elephant by 9 months..been there done that and have never lost the baby weight.. I’ve tweeted lots of images and people always comment “oh it’s a neat bump!” or other lovely comments, but I have a confession to make.. I only share pics I am happy with! While I don’t photo-shop (wouldn’t know how!) I am selective to share only photos which I look at and think that’s a good one! So.. the truth is my bump is bigger than it may first appear.. these two photos were taken with the same camera, 2 minutes apart the only difference is the camera angle, the way my top is adjusted and I am standing up a bit straighter in the second! So ladies, don’t compare your bump with anyone elses, all is not always as it seems! Love your bump, and make the most of it!







  • Molly

    I love your advice about not comparing bumps. It’s almost impossible in this day and age with all the pics and bump galleries around but in my experience it just leads to making you feel a bit crap about your changing body (or maybe that’s just me!). I too am loving the Birks at the moment. My feet haven’t been near anything else since I bought mine. Jealous of your find though – £3!! What a bargain! Thanks for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub again. xx

  • Jennie

    The bit about bump shots made me chuckle x I have to take about 15 photos to get one shot I am vaguely happy with x I am sorry about the discomfort, this end bit is hard work and I think we forget. I am struggling too especially with the heat we have had. I think you are dressing your bump beautifully and I am living in my Birkies too, have had them for years and they are all I wear through the summer x Lots of love to you x

  • Victoria Goriami

    Aww thank you Jennie! Having just survived hosting my sons 6th Birthday party (at home..) I am beginning to accept that I need to relax a bit more..(this is written as i lounge on the sofa with my cankles in the air lol) xxx

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