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31 Weeks Pregnant and changing midwife.

I have a new midwife, I changed midwives after speaking to my GP as I wasn’t very happy with things. My GP was lovely and very supportive, advising me that while she couldn’t get involved (as they don’t employ the midwives) she supported my decision to find an alternative. My new midwife seems lovely and I felt bad as a wittered away at her, but left feeling confident that she actually cared about how I was feeling as well as mine and babies physical well being! We’ve arranged that she’ll do home visits for the next appointments, I found myself saying “are you sure? I don’t mind coming up to the hospital?!” and her smiling and pointing out that she drives past my house to get to work so she’s booking me as her first appointment of the day which is lovely! 

More good news, at the last appointment baby was breech, and kept turning transverse, I tweeted about how uncomfortable I was and got lots of helpful advice from some lovely ladies – thank you! After a horrible night being really uncomfortable, at the appointment baby delighted me by being head down – hoorah! We now just have to hope baby stays that way! The bump is measuring a cm larger than it should be, but I was reassured that the measurements are a guide that baby is growing and aren’t accurate so not to panic! Though I think the bump looks huge this week, and certainly I am gaining fat stores!!


Bump 31 weeks + 5


I have packed my hopsital bag, although I still have a few bits I’d like to get I think I have most of the essentials and a notebook full of bits I’m dreaming about! Baby’s bag is taking longer to pack, I can’t decide what to pack in the way of clothes..I am just sat looking in despair and while I know sensibly what I might need, having a summer baby fills me with fear that I may over heat the poor thing! I’ve decided that although I am planning on using cloth nappies, I am going to take disposable ones with me to the hospital just for ease so any tips on good newborn nappies – do please share!! Gosh, I feel like a first time mother all over again!

Ms G x


  • Molly

    The packing of the hospital bag is the bit I’m rather looking forward to – makes it all seem very real! By the way – your bump is lovely. People keep telling me I look 8 months gone, but I’m only 25 weeks, so I dread to think what size my bump will be when I reach 31 weeks! Thank you for linking up to the #BlogBumpClub. x

  • Sara-Jayne

    SO glad you managed to change! Hooray for some good news!!! She sounds lovely. And you look gorgeous!!! Our little cookie has turned the right way up too now, I think they might be behaving for us!!! Jealous you’ve packed… I’m 38+4 and still unpacked!